Our Purpose

Move people, through the pursuit of innovation with diverse inspirations.

Our purpose, is to move people with the joy of new mobility.
To move their hearts, their minds, towards a free, pleasant, and enthralling future.
To that end, we will deepen the connection of diverse inspirations.

Inspiration, is the power to move people.
Alongside those who pioneer a new future with creativity, with cutting-edge technology and emotion, we will pursue innovation in mobility.

Top message

Moving People, Moving an Era
We are a Mobility Tech Company

Mobility is facing the dawn of a new era. That is why we, Sony Honda Mobility Inc., have begun. We are a new joint venture, merging two unique philosophies, leveraging the intelligence of both, understanding one another, and by actively embracing cutting-edge technologies, aim to create new mobility and services.

We believe the value in mobility is to move people, to move their emotions. Through a new style of entertaining mobility and services, for an everyday commute, or for travel on a special occasion, we aspire to enrich each individual’s lifestyle.

Revisiting what mobility fundamentally means, as a Mobility Tech Company, we will join hands with like-minded customers, partners, and creative communities all over the world, sharing inspirations, and create new technologies to pioneer a new era of mobility.

Sony Honda Mobility Inc.

Representative Director, Chairman and CEO: Yasuhide Mizuno

Representative Director, President and COO: Izumi Kawanishi


    Company information

    Company name
    Sony Honda Mobility Inc.
    Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    September 2022
    10 billion yen
    Investment ratio
    Sony Group Corporation 50%, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 50%
    Members of the board
    • Yasuhide Mizuno Representative Director, Chairman and CEO
    • Izumi Kawanishi Representative Director, President and COO
    • Shugo Yamaguchi Director and Deputy President
    • Kojiro Okabe Director and Executive Vice President
    • Manabu Ozawa Director (Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)
    • Naoya Horii Director (Sony Group Corporation)
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